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Power Supplies
E36155A csak 1 darabonként vásárolható

E36155A 800W Autoranging Benchtop Power Supply, 60V, 40


Intuitively control instruments, automate tests, and perform in-depth analysis with Keysight PathWave BenchVue BV9201B Advanced Power Supply Control and Analysis Software.

Highlights - High Power, Safe, and Easy to Use

The Keysight E36150 Series autoranging benchtop DC power supply features two models with 800W power on a single channel output. The E36150 Series can supply up to 60V and 80A and provide plenty of usable power to meet your testing needs. The newly featured detachable front binding connection is designed to withstand its maximum current output of 80A while being fully compliant with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61010 safety requirements. The E36150 Series also provides advanced characterization and power simulation capabilities, including volt- and current-meter, data logging, Scope View, and arbitrary waveform generator (AWG). Feature-packed to deliver high performance, the E36150 Series provides a one-box solution that eliminates the demand of having to meet the requirements of multiple instruments. These factors help you save time and avoid complex setups. The series also includes the following features:

  • Use autoranging power supplies that produce more current at all voltage levels.
  • Peak power that handles up to 3x the maximum power rating to accommodate start-up power surge requirements from electromechanical and high capacitance devices under test (DUT).
  • High performance with precise output accuracy, minimal noise, and superior load/line regulation.
  • Data logging, volt- and current-meter, adjustable slew rate, 4-wire remote sensing, LIST output programming, and digital controls.
  • Device protection through overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature.
  • Backup from Keysight BV0003B PathWave BenchVue Power Supply App and Test Flow automation support, and Keysight BV9200B / BV9201B BenchVue Advanced Power Control and Analysis software assistance.
  • Option to upgrade to Keysight E36150ADVU for scope view and AWG functions that offer advanced characterization and power simulation.
  • Simplify USB, LAN (LXI Core), and optional GPIB connectivity.

PathWave BenchVue Power Supply Software

Provides easy control of your power supplies to set parameters and visualize I/V data on a trend chart.

  • Track and record your power supply output to understand the impact of the power draw for specific events
  • Connect and control your power supplies through the cloud.
  • Export data to popular tools, such as MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, or Word for further analysis.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.
  • Receive KeysightCare software support subscription and license with each new instrument purchase.

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