Simplifying test with leading performance SMU at a new and affordable price point

The four quadrant Source Measure Unit (SMU) SMU4000 series by Aim-TTi is your ideal solution for industrial development as well as educational environments. Combining touch screen technology with an intuitive graphical user interface it provides a clear and natural flow through the test and measurement process. This SMU stands as an all-in-one solution for simplifying test applications such as battery charging/discharging, I-V characterizing, semiconductor, and material testing with high current and power combined with fast measurements and low glitch auto ranging speed.

The SMU4000 series’ PowerFlex design system provides a semi constant power characteristic so that the current capability rises as the voltage falls. The SMU achieves full instrument output power across most of the voltage range, unlike conventional SMUs where the maximum power can only be achieved at the top of each voltage range.

As well as a high precision DC and pulsed source and measure capabilities, it has a built-in sweep function including constant and pulsed sweep operation, double sweep functions and linear & logarithmic. Arbitrary list sweeps of up to 100K points can be directly uploaded to the instrument via the flash drive.

A graphical representation of the buffered measurement results can be viewed and explored on screen using the advanced graph menu. Voltage or Current data can be viewed as voltammograms for producing I-V curves and YT graphs to analyse a primary measurement against time, in a linear format.

Test Bridge Software is included, a downloadable software program that provides full programmable control of multiple SMU’s alongside additional enhanced features.

Published at: 21-10-2022